Energy Services

VieDeCore Energy is a division of VieDeCore a registered Energy Services Company (ESCO) headquartered in Johannesburg South Africa. The company vision is to facilitate the use of renewable energy as a means for socio-economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa and the developing world. VieDeCore has formed an association of service providers which has a wide spectrum of expertise within the Renewable Energy Sector from Distributed Energy Generation /Mini-Grids/ Localised Supply and Distribution to Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management. VieDeCore Energy engages local skills and resources in order to develop and facilitate the implementation of world class renewable energy turnkey projects. Based on locally available resources, various technologies are employed, including Solar, Wind, Hydro, Biogas, Biomass to power communities, government buildings, hospitals & clinics, schools, community centres, commercial hubs and private companies.

VieDeCore Energy supports and empowers locally based energy equipment manufacturing and production facilities for effective sustainable development. Partnerships are formed with other stakeholders with an impeccable track record to perform energy efficiency consulting services for Corporates, Government, Mining Companies and energy intensive users. Technologies are sourced globally to suit specific client needs.

Our Clients Include:

Private Companies; Municipalities; Government Departments; Utilities, IPPs

VieDeCore Offers:

  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Funding Facilitation
  • Local & International partnerships
  • Project Development, Feasibilities, Funding, and EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) services provided together with our strategic partners


  • Development and Coordination of all stakeholder engagements
  • Local Skills Development and Economic empowerment
  • Client specific solutions
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency “One stop-shop”
  • Turnkey Projects


A wide variety of technologies are used to suit the specific client’s needs, location and environment. These include hybrid systems, distributed systems, mini-grids etc. Grid electrification is offered to a lesser extent. Technologies employed:

  • Solar (Photovoltaic (PV), Solar Home Systems (SHS), Solar Water Heaters (SWH)
  • Hydro - Biogas, Biomass - Wind
  • Load Management - Smart Technology


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