Welcome to Vie De Core

VieDeCore is a multi-sector commercial and social enterprise registered in the Republic of South Africa.

The company is inspired by the global green lifestyle and a need for legacy building companies on the African Continent that inspire world class socio-economic development, promote products and services that are financially sustainable, environmentally friendly and support a healthy society. VieDeCore engagements, associations and service delivery are underpinned by high quality standards of “Excellence”.

VieDeCore started operation in 2008 as a Property Investment, Interior Design and Property Management Company. Since then the company has grown to incorporate related and independent products and services in various industries. We are pleased to offer our flagship products and services in the Energy and Lifestyle Sectors.

Kindly contact our head office for any information or assistance you may require from any of the VieDeCore divisions Contact Us

Company Philosophy

  • To Become the Best Vehicle in Africa to deliver Sustainable Solutions for all.
  • Providing superior quality solutions for our Planet and all who live in it.
  • Empowering Communities for Social and Economic emancipation.

'Committed to improving the state of Africa through Excellence'


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